“god gave man and woman the incredible gift of bringing children into the world, of loving and educating.  sometimes, however, parents can be disappointed by their children and want them to be other than they are.

i have seen the great disappointment in parents when their child is born with a disability. i can understand their pain.

however, there is always the danger that parents want to control the lives of their children too much.  they forget that to love someone is not to possess or control them, but to help them become more fully themselves and to be proud of who they are.

i have been helped by people with intellectual disabilities; they are a group of people who are not often respected in their deepest needs, not listened to nor held in honour.  in paul’s letter to the corinthians he compares the church with the physical body.  he says that those parts of the body which are least presentable and the weakest are indispensable and should be honoured.

what an incredible vision!

if we walk with those who have been most crushed, then something will happen within us. i call you to take seriously how beautiful you are, even with all your wounds and weaknesses and the call to honour those who are the weakest.

the glory of human beings is not power, the power to control someone else; the glory of human beings is the ability to let what is deepest within us grow.”

~ jean vanier from ‘disability and inequality’




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