you foolish galatians


“if righteousness could be gained through the law, christ died for nothing.”
– galatians 2:21

for a long time i’ve sought the approval of man.

the funny thing is that at the heart of pleasing man – there is really only one man whose approval i crave more than anyone’s.

when human approval is the motivator underneath christianity – there’s really no difference between me and someone who makes a joke of jesus christ.

girl in the corn


the end goal of both lives is the same.

the person i seek so hard to please is me.

me, myself and i.

for who is it that longs for human approval?  who has been working so hard for it in the name of jesus christ?

i have.


i’ve fooled myself and i am still god of my own life.  i’m still on the throne of my heart.

a life for jesus can be little more than the self-made man’s mansion on a hill.

step by step

god’s approval is something else.

it’s a life where he is.  a life where i am different than those who mock because i fear him.

god’s approval is a life hidden in the word – jesus.  hidden even from the eyes of those who have a measure of fame among all our different scattered circles of believers.

forget the world – can i have peace even if my long admired christian idols see me as nothing?  if i’m perceived as out of the game, accomplishing so very little?


“beware of the people who make usefulness their ground of appeal.  if you make usefulness the test, then jesus christ was the greatest failure that ever lived.”
– oswald chambers

maybe it’s just me.

just me and all of us with pride as big as god.

what does it look like for me to gain your approval, lord?

just the wind blowing through the trees, just the grace.

just the little girl in the corn maze, just grace.

gratitude journal ~ one thousand gifts ~ 2135 – 2152

hillside sleepover
my dad
a pretty good summer
visiting pops
awkward neighbors
washing my hands
kung fu on the lawn
flirting with disaster
my mom
waking up laughing
being insulted
hope for the school year
hitting the books
school buses
josh playing barbies
jesse flipping like a pancake

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