over-realized eschatology

(this post was inspired by a friend that i get to spend time with this weekend…thankful for time to slow down…)


the firefly slow cruises by, heavy with light.  the woods are dark and deep.  pinpoints of yellow blink and fade.  i’m sitting on the porch with my friend.  all day she’s pointed out the eastern blue birds and we sat quiet when the hummingbirds came close, but now it’s dark.

the children are sleeping and the stars are out.

the lights of the night are like our own.  heavy to bear, unmistakable.  my own light, the portion given to me to carry and display, it slows me down, too.  i fly uneven, weighted. i’m easy to catch.

these three nights together, my friend has me in the palms of her hands.

i’m in the catch and release of friendship.


we carry chairs down the wooden steps to the rolling lawn in the darkness.  we tilt our heads back and see more stars than our souls can hold.  we breathe the night in and all the light that shines.  the lights that mark out the black dome of the night sky and the traveling lights carried heavily through the woods.

fireflies and starlight and children tucked in.

we laugh like praise to god and we tell each other the truth even though it takes days to get there.  a friend, a peer, is not easy to find.

fireflies only blink by for a few of these summer nights.

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