summer’s parting sighs


it took me the first two months of summer to catch up.

you were older this summer.
you didn’t want to go to the zoo.  again.
you didn’t want to go to greenfield village.  again.

i kept getting frustrated that this summer wasn’t quite like the last one.

i slowly figured it out.

you’re growing up.


ice cream

i wish the midwife hadn’t been so honest in the hospital room.  with light coming through the blinds, cutting hard lines on the floor, she told me adolescence would be hard with mazzy.

and she was right.

little kids turning into big kids is tough.  i can see it in every family.  down syndrome adds what it has always added – the surreal x 10.

i wish abraham didn’t need people so much.

abraham wants a friend over every second of the day.  he’s not content.  he isn’t content with the same kind of summer this time around.  if he had his way…if he were his own man…

it gets closer and closer.

and ella.  still little enough, but pulled along by the current of an older brother and sister. she thinks beyond what the other two did at five years old.

honestly, it was a confusing summer.

good on ya

but we woke up early today.

we were nearly ready on time, too.

seems things work out.  lazy summers become back to business falls.  the kids keep growing up.  and next summer, well next summer i’m sure i’ll forget all over again and have to remember that you are different now then you were then.  i’ll need to accept who you are and not who’d i’d like you to be.  again.

hopefully it won’t take two months.

gratitude list ~ one thousand gifts ~ 2125 – 2134

epic girl’s night
detroit brewing company
mom vacation day
second hand jeans

3 replies on “ summer’s parting sighs ”
  1. growing up is hard to do! it always feels like we are always trying to catch up to our kids, trying to understand where they’re at, right? constant change these days, huh? well, hope your last week of summer is wonderful, friend!

  2. I remember the first time I said; “What do you MEAN you don’t want to go to the new Disney movie???” Why don’t you want to skateboard, be in your band, go to college? What do you mean your getting married, lost a baby, having a baby, getting divorced, got fired, moved away, got left for an 18 year old, are turning 40, dating again, USING WRINKLE CREAM??? “YOU ARE MY BABIES” I still want to scream!
    I have lived long enough to watch my baby’s baby start school as a sophomore at the high school I just graduated from, a couple years ago, wasn’t it? And to have said (again) “What do you MEAN you don’t want to go to the new Disney movie???” to two generations. And I still don’t get it. Why it goes by so quickly, how they slip through our fingers. Enjoy, while you can, as much as you can. <3

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