brand new again


these summer days are being sewn together.  the thread of time pulling days side by side and making a patchwork quilt of life.

i hope it covers you, child.



i want light to leak from our pockets every minute.

i want to look at your face and feel sweet freedom from responsibility.  i want to know the gift of you and feel sunshine warming us as we see something we never saw before.

i want to thank the lord for giving us these endless, numbered days.


laughing like water

shake it off.  shake off the should of today.


it’s right now and they are willing to live if you are, too.

there’s much to do, i know.  the weeds are threatening to take over the yard and the bathing suits sit wet at the bottom of the laundry basket.  i know.

but there’s something out there we haven’t seen yet.

i just know it.

or there’s something we’ve seen a hundred times.  either way it’s going to be brand new today.  just like your eyes shining my way, again.

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  1. Being in this awful, constant pain and stuck in bed, I turn to you blog Z for a connection to the life I once knew, the friend I was knew, the friend I once was. Thank you for your writing, Z. I love you for many reasons, one of which is your words, this blog, and your truth.

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