when the bride of christ wants a divorce

marry me

i stole moments to see you.  walking down stone paths to find you, to be alone with you. when your words breathed close to my ear, the whole world turned upside down. water came from the rock.  i saw through your eyes and loved this world.  i forgave myself. when i saw through your eyes everything was new.

that was twenty years ago.

i walk to the same places and sit in the exact same spot.  it is dry.  there is no water spilling down.  there is no small pool to take off my shoes like a holy place and walk away refreshed.  i hear your words and they are twenty years old.  i know how you see like the back of my hand.  your words are the same.  they speak the same things.  it’s always the same with you.

sometimes faithfulness is mind numbing.

sometimes you can take faithfulness for granted…

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  1. Wow! How very moving in a sad way this is. It really spoke to my heart and convicted me. I try to make my prayer life real and vital, but I now see that it is probably rote in many ways. I will try harder to nourish my relationship with my Savior and Lord, the Lover of my Soul, the One who died to forgive me and provide for me.
    Thank you!

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