sometimes you make heavenly beings angry


i had a dream.

every so often the god of the universe will talk to me in dreams.

what’s up with that?

when i think that god has better things to do than be concerned with the intimate details of my life, i reduce him to the level of human ability.  god is big enough to do any task, large or small, without being put out.

so sometimes he shows up in dreams to tell me stuff.

in the dream i was being driven in a car.  the driver was determined and quite focused on where we were going.  i felt safe and cozy riding around, but am curious about the fervor of the driver.  so i look out the windshield to find that we are barreling down the highway, the wrong way, into oncoming traffic.

oh my

i try to telling the driver – but they know.  oh they know.

they want very much to destroy me.  i can see it in their eyes.  it’s almost glee.  it’s clear then how fed up this being is, they are ecstatic for the end of me.

but then, at the last minute, we swerve.

we don’t die mutilated and burning in wreckage and suddenly we are in a room with god and this being/driver and me and lots of other people/beings i’ve never met.

and the driver of the car is basically begging god to harm me.  they are pointing out all of my refusing to listen — all the ways i avoid god and what he asks me to do.

god is a person in this dream and is compassionate, but dismissive of the driver’s requests.  his patience.  his patience.  he is patient and sees me for what i will do.  the driver can’t see that.  the driver only sees me historically, what i have done.  god has hope for me.  but the angel?  not so much.

the angel wants me dead.

mean spirited

i do think it was a picture of my assigned angel.  and i find that somewhat humorous.

my angel does not like me.  you gotta admit, that’s kind of funny.  now someone might be thinking that wouldn’t be an angel, but rather like in the book of job, it’s the devil accusing me, making his case against me to the lord.

but i don’t think that’s it. 

from the looks of things my angel really doesn’t like me and i’m guessing it’s up in the angel break room grumbling about god’s inability to see what an ass i am.  but when their break is over, they have to go back to the work assigned to them.  my angel has to watch over me and do whatever the hell god tells them to.

i’m glad angels aren’t god.

i think precious moments has it all wrong.

i think most of us have a lot of things wrong.

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