with this ring

mother's day

two children couldn’t stand it.  mom’s door slightly closed.  it was too much.

“mom!  you have to see the dining room table.”

sunlight is coming through my windows and from their faces.



and he’s in the kitchen.  he’s making hash browns.  dad’s famous hash browns.

“they woke you up?”

he pours the coffee in my cup and i’m wondering if i can make it through the day this tired.  they point out each sentiment, each detail.  a table full of cards.

a house full of love.


piggy back


a strange thought comes to me then.

he is filling breakfast plates and kids get in their chairs.  i wonder how many gallons of milk we’ve drank, how many calls to the other?

“will you stop and get milk?”

the collaborative effort of raising a family on mother’s milk, on a father’s back.  the thousand thoughtless acts of being one.

ella's card

know that

i get the attention today.  today i get the time and breakfast and get to be queen.

your day will come next month, dad.

hallmark tries to divide what cannot be separated.

so darlin’ stop at the store, won’t you?

will you pick up what we need?

carry it home in paper bags and we’ll save them.  we’ll cut them up and make father’s day cards because you are mother’s day and they are, too.

gratitude list ~ one thousand gifts ~ 1940 – 1958

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dove gentleness
scar stories
people with too much money
that we can’t see the whole picture
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swimming outside
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good friends

3 replies on “ with this ring ”
  1. Found you through a friend’s link. What a beautiful, uplifting corner of the web you are. Thanks for being here.

  2. even though neal said to me on mother’s day that he was grateful for everything i do (etc etc), i told him that i couldn’t do it without him…for real!

    “the collaborative effort of raising a family on mother’s milk, on a father’s back. the thousand thoughtless acts of being one.” love that…b/c even though i can pride myself for raising this family, for being a SAHM, for “keeping things together”, and for being the stubborn strong woman that i am, but it’s together that makes us a better couple, a better family.

    thnx z:)

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