when lilacs last in the dooryard bloom’d

i walk through the garden like so much grace.

is this what the love of god is like?

spilling over, too much, fragrant and extravagant.

someone planted these trees years ago. they had a vision of the uncountable blooms falling heavy. they gave their time and lined the lane and today i’m walking among the reckless flowers on a foggy morning; learning how to receive.

god is a giver. and the serpent in the garden is spelled this way ~


that’s the lie of the devil – that god is what we ought to do and never the great gate to beauty spilling over.

don’t believe it.

i hope my children will know the truth.

i hope the branch will flourish into unashamed blossom that will open and fall down on top of their heads – before them and after them and all around to hedge them in.

that god would be as easy as walking down a lane of blatant love planted years ago by a faithful gardener.

repost from the archives

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