prayer request


i get prayer.

it’s not a holy moment for healing and restoration.

it isn’t a ritual.

pray with me, jesus asked the disciples and they tried.  they really did.  but they fell asleep.

prayer shawl

i pray because i can’t do this.

the world around me.  the things i know.

i pray because, really, what else is there to do?

it might change me someday.  i might become the one who walks out my front door and gathers the broken into my arms.  prayer could change me.

or not.

i may continue on as i am.  doing the laundry.  doing the dishes.  making lunches and driving kids to school.  half-hearted home improvements and too much series television. i may just continue as i am.

dallas willard has cancer.  stage four.  and i heard a gun shot on my street last night.  and i dreamt of my dear friend.  and these lovely people are hoping again that this month could be the month.  the world is a prayer request list.

there is too much known and so i get it now.

the posture, the words.  this humiliating repetition of saying i can do nothing and so i need you lord.  amen.

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  1. Yes, this world certainly need prayer for every single day for it is lost in darkness! I didn’t know about Dallas Willardd’s cancer.
    Blessings from Emily’s

  2. Love this… “i pray because, really, what else is there to do?” I’m a somewhat new Christian and it took me a while to catch on but when I did…yes, Pray! It is so needed in this fallen world we live in.

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