fathers and god

when i was a little girl i had an invisible sign on my back that some children were able to read. it said – afraid.

one winter, three boys that specialized in reading invisible ink followed me home two days running. i walked by myself and before i could reach the corner these boys that had been bundled up by their loving mommas balled up snow and threw it at me hard.

i ran and i cried and i told my dad.

on the third day, they followed me again. bolder by the weakness of their prey, the three called out to let me know they were close. i almost reached the corner when they bent down to create the arsenal of their assault.

then the six-foot frame of a man that had been waiting, hiding, stood to his full height ready with snowballs of his own. the boys’ eyes went from me to my dad and as every throw of his connected, they ran.

once, when my dad and i walked down a street, he moved my nine-year old body to the inside of the sidewalk. he explained that in the old days a gentleman always walked on the outside in case a carriage passed too close and splashed roadside travelers.

i walked safe on the inside and realized that i was a lady and that my father was a gentleman.

i’ve never known life without the great love of a father.

and i guess it might be cheating.

i’ve met many, most actually, that have to climb the mountain of all their earthly father wasn’t to get a glimpse of what their heavenly father is. but that isn’t my experience.

my father has a heart for the fatherless and gifts of love, generosity and friendship. he has always called me his friend.

when the reviewers told that a new film was not to be missed, my dad pulled me out of school early and we drove to the movies. when the uncles argued politics, he let me join in on the conversation, the only little girl at the table.

the bible says that love covers a multitude of sins. my dad and the gift of love that god has given him is a strong light to the father for me and for others besides.

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  1. I never really had a father so it always fills me when I hear stories of wonderful ones. Thank you for sharing. 🙂 miss you

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