the day you’re reborn

i’m telling you something against my better judgement.

i confess.  i admit.  i finally tell the truth.  i say what i do not want to say.

new words

a life of faith is simply this – a new life.  new isn’t always simple though.

new is frightening.  the old is safe and predictable and wraps around like a robe worn through.

is a life of faith simply a confession?  to say with my mouth that jesus is lord?


may you live

maybe saying jesus is lord is the first true words any of us utter.  the only words that hold no manipulation, no self-aggrandizing – our first action in the brave new world of faith.

new words for a new life.

a life where we say words we wouldn’t have said before.  a life where we do things we didn’t think we could.

the unimagined, creative life coming true right before our eyes; like words being spoken made real.

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