ferris wheel church metaphor


the ferris wheel never stopped.

they opened the doors like greeters on a sunday morning and ushered you right to your seat. it was unnerving. i hesitated like at the mall before an escalator. it inched. barely perceptible. it kept moving.

the wheels of the machine don’t stop.

step right up

bigger than you

i got in.

of course i did. it was amazing and huge. the view from the top, i’d heard, was worth the price of admission.

but what about when the admission is free and the view is free? just kindly folk opening the doors for you on a sunday morning.

“come on in, friend.”

i'm next

i started going to church when i was 18.

my motives were questionable and my theology was non-existent, but sit down in the barely moving pew, i did.

i didn’t know about gender roles or political agendas. i didn’t know about kingdom outposts or gold teeth. i had no idea about the cornerstone music festival or moody bible institute.

i didn’t know the church was a machine that never stops moving. that it’s the tortoise that will win the race. so behind the times, so old-fashioned, such a work horse.

it keeps the faith. it keeps going.

twenty years later, i’m still on this ride. and i want off. i really do. the exposed mechanics have finally made me queasy. and maybe that’s okay. maybe that’s fine. maybe that’s why it moves so slowly.

easy on.

easy off.

up and away

it’s a lovely view from the top, but i’ve grown weary of it.

i want to go jump in the lake.

and when i’ve swam enough. when i’ve looked at the church from a far enough distance for long enough, i know it will be there. spinning still and slowly catching up to the times, one day to overtake every other enterprise and machine because of its steadfastness, its imperceptible, never-stopping faithfulness.

i know it will be there and i’ll step on again. maybe. probably.

but not today.

3 thoughts on “ferris wheel church metaphor

  1. your words engage me. they make me think.

    they seem to reveal a bit of your autobiography, but just enough to make me wonder. are you hurting, friend? is the wheel turning ugly because of the brokenness of those along for the ride? i can only surmise.

    please know that you are not alone in feeling as you do. it is not an easy place to be, but it can be a very important part of the journey. a part where the bravest words are the most honest ones.

    i get this more than i’d like to admit, but even in treading the lake’s cold waters, i’m holding on to the hope that it’s not the end of the ride. {thank you}

  2. hi kelli,

    thank you.

    i am hurting…more like grieving. and that’s messy and unpredictable. it’s starting to come out in words – but have no fear, he is faithful.

    ~ zena

  3. oh friend, this is powerful. there is a lot of pain in this, a lot of disappointment. what a great analogy. may you know the Lord’s presence, even from the water. bless you.

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