rainbow sprinkles and the devil

i lose perspective.

the colors blur and i can’t tell green from yellow.  we set out the chairs and we practice the songs.  but what does it matter when no one is singing?

that’s when it’s helpful to hear a small four-year-old voice say from the back seat ~

“mom.  the devil wants to burn up the church.  he wants to set it on fire because he hates jesus.  right?”

this city is hard.  i can forget that.

i tell her that yes, the devil does want to destroy the church.  and that he’s more crafty than any of god’s creatures.  and that he sounds awfully convincing from time to time. but yes, she’s right. the devil does not like jesus.

and i have to remember again that i do.

i do.

2 thoughts on “rainbow sprinkles and the devil

  1. he does not. i do too.

    i imagined and believed for a sort of revival in detroit, 11 years ago in prayer in and for another city, when i didn’t have any of my own love or desire for this city especially. the holy spirit called it the fatherless city to me. Father wants to father there.

    from experience in social work, i learned that a distinct type of therapeutic parenting that often seems backward and unintuitive is needed in cases of reactive attachment disorder (an infantile break in trusting human relationships). it’s also a committed parenting despite raging and unreciprocated love. our God is your coach in the spiritual attachment of the city in trust to their God. you ‘get’ something that He’s giving, showing and leading even when it feels bizarre and nonsensical – especially that He is the source of all for you and detroit. beat down that radical path to his river even when it’s lonelier than it should be. forerunners are often alone when their gift of faith makes them see the invisible.

    i believe in your call. don’t give up – the one who called you is faithful and He will do

    btw – love the spiritual insight of your children, some of your first fruits. mazzy gave me one a few weeks ago in class 😉

    on a lighter note, it’s also cold and flu season and people who might want to join you could be hindered that way – my parents were

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