consider it, neighbor

there are a couple of finer points in genesis that i just don’t understand.

one – the tree of life.  sure, there was the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, but god seemed to not want adam and eve anywhere near the tree of life.  what gives?  they couldn’t live for ever in their new fallen state?  sure, i sort of understand that.  i guess. but really, i don’t get it.

two – cain married someone.  where did this other person come from?  there was adam. there was eve.  there was cain, there was abel.  abel gets murdered and cain gets married? i missed something.

i know, i know.  the book of genesis isn’t a text book.  it’s not a manual for creationists.

seems like a good reason to sing a song.

what does faith rest on besides its laurels?

i remember a philosophy student at michigan state who opened his door naked when i stopped by one day.

“put some pants on!”  i told him.  he sighed and shut the door.  when he returned he was wearing pants and they seemed arbitrary and ridiculous now; existing only to cover his nakedness.

i wonder if that’s how god felt about adam and eve when he saw the clothes they made for themselves.  when he found them hiding as he came looking for them in the coolness of the evening.

that same philosophy student when finding out i believed in god asked me this ~

“which one?”

that gave me pause.

“the one that made the trees outside.”  i replied.

“oh.”  he said, “the creator god.”

yep.  me and the creator god.

the creative god.

the one who leaves doors open and questions unanswered.  the god who makes people out of thin air.

the one who gets out his fiddle and xylophone and plays a popular american song to soothe our aching hearts.

that’s the one i believe in, doubts and all.

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