herding butterflies

if my life were dusted for prints what would the evidence point to? where would you find me most of the time?

there would be a lot of prints on the computer, on my iphone. you would find my steering wheel covered as i head here or there. my pots and pans would be heavy with them from making dinner and putting away dishes.

but what about the people i love? could you find my prints on their shoulders from holding them close? from a gentle touch on a face looking up? from holding a hand that’s still smaller than my own?

guilty as charged. i spend my life on so many fleeting things while my children sit by and wait for their turn. people are the only eternal thing we can see, the only spiritual beings visible to the eye. i want to spend the next few weeks enjoying the rest of the summer with my children. my posting will be a bit more sporadic during this time.

pray for me that i could put down the phone and not sit too long in front of the computer and i’ll do the same for you.

(psst…if you miss me too much remember for a mere five dollars you can read my ebook found right here…thanks.)

5 replies on “ herding butterflies ”
  1. sorry…lil’ hands got in the way! but yes, on it! i’m always constantly having to remind myself to step away from things that distract me and to enjoy what’s right in front of me…my kids! it’s hard sometimes b/c you know, sometimes you just want to do something else or there are other things that need to get done! so here’s to the rest of the summer and it’s wonderful adventures with our kids:)

  2. very nicely said. i have been on the road quite a bit this year, and my wonderful wife is currently visiting her sister in ireland over a couple of weeks. so i invited my grown sons over for a nice grilled meal last night. it was a great evening together. great laughter and conversation was had by all. and now this morning i read this post and think about how much more i need to, want to, long to do this.

    enjoy your summer!

  3. Not too many words were shared between us this past week; but, having you with me and all the grandchildren was special.

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