average terrain


communication ain’t simple.

all the roads of relationship are threatened by neglect, by lack of effort. trails of ivy that speak comfortable and lovely imperfection, that’s fine, but left untended our relating will all be done in work gloves.

that’s how it feels this morning. this morning in the woods, tucked away for camp. we brought the kids and they are busy with counselors and activities and we try to talk like finding a barely worn path in the woods.

when did this grow back over? has it been so long?


yanking at the overgrown woods to reveal the road just feels like a lot of work sometimes. we could just let it be. let nature take over until you would never know that these two people built a life together at all. but if we do that all the good work that we’ve started in the past, what of it?

the maintenance of communicating means we tackle the task when too much time has passed. it means walking towards the visible trailhead and down the paths that try to make sense out of the uncontrollable forces of nature all around.


we talk it out. we talk it through. we return to places we’ve been and find that the ground is even.

there is farther to go.

time is up. kids are back. there’s lunch and canoes and the maintenance of marriage paths will have to wait again. but it feels okay. it feels like the trail has been cleared and when we walk down it together again, it’ll be easier.

gratitude list ~ one thousand gifts ~ 1574 – 1583

camp songs
bath houses
fish jumping
skylights in the shower
blankets in the shade
not cooking
two hours

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