the highest form of flattery

“beware of thinking back to what you once were when god wants you to be something you have never been.”
– oswald chambers

moving to detroit changed things between me and god.  for so long there was the waiting to do god’s will, to obey – looking for open doors, for refusing anything less than god.

then the doors opened.  everything fell into place.  for sale signs put up and taken down, money, a house, everything was done.  god did it.  we did it.  god’s will accomplished!

now what?

so often i’ve followed jesus on the faith of others.  especially in the beginning. especially all the years after.  always looking around and watching how other people live by faith and that’s good.  it’s right and necessary…for a time.

“if you believe in jesus, you are not to spend all your time in the smooth waters just inside the harbour bar, full of delight, but always moored; you have to get out into the great deeps of god and begin to know for yourself.”
– oswald chambers

that’s where i am now.  out in the somewhat deeper waters of god, nowhere near what’s available to voyage into, but no longer tied to the shore.  i know that i’m not alone on these waters, but it seems the further out i go with jesus the amount of people to look to besides him dwindles.  he becomes the only one whose faith i can look to, to be helped by.

in order to be what i’ve never been before, i need to depend on the faith of jesus.  i follow on the example of his faith into places i’ve never gone.  god is able to make our lives into a new thing, not just a copy of someone else’s, yet still we will bear the unmistakable mark of jesus christ.  but first we have to follow him, live with him, in the new things.

5 replies on “ the highest form of flattery ”
  1. “…and begin to know for yourself.”

    isn’t that just so true?

    To let go…to walk out deeper past the point where, straining, your toes just touch…past the point of comfortable shore-site. To find yourself in inconceivable vastness where land rules do not apply…to rewrite.

  2. I am learning to swim alone with God too. To be honest it’s way harder than I thought it would be, it’s hard when you go to grab on a buoy and it’s not there. Oh but then that’s why they call it trust, right? It’s not suppose to be easy.

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