city mouse country mouse

we woke up early and headed out to conkle’s hollow.  my three hikers.  one of them barely up to my waist.  we didn’t know what we were in for or what we’d need for the time.  we didn’t know what we’d see.

i fill up the swimming pool in the backyard.  it’s too hot and the kids are standing at the fence waiting for me to be done.  i’m tired of being kind today.  i’m wondering if i can put a neighborhood ban on love.  when i started out on this hike into detroit i didn’t know what i was in for.  i didn’t know what i’d see.

it’s pretty and it’s peaceful.  it’s about what i expected.  we wander into the gorge and i am glad that i came, who doesn’t enjoy a walk in the woods?  i slowly notice the rock walls climbing on either side of us as we go.  i start feeling smaller and smaller as the beauty grows higher.  i haven’t seen this before.  we pass through some rocks as big as small trailers and on the other side, a new world.

will the same things be true in the city?  will i pass through the hollows of my own broken heart and find a new world?

it seems likely.  it seems that the world is bigger and better than i give it credit for.  it seems god doesn’t run dry on surprises.

the kids sit down at the dinner table and unlike my own children, eat every last bite on their plates.  we talk about table manners and we talk about the difference between being offered something and asking for it.  when we say grace i pray for them, i thank jesus for them and ask him to bless them.  god lifts my ban on love and there’s the world cracked right open, green and growing with more than i’ve seen.

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