mother water

now she has five grandchildren.  she was one of six and had two children herself.  her children’s children gather around her and in their honest moments if you ask them who their favorite person is, they’ll all say the same thing, “buscia.”  you say it this way – (boo-shah.)

she looks at these children and she can see what is needed.  a day away and stopping for lunch.  a trip to the store to buy a new purse.  these moments, these days, they might seem insignificant, but her love has always been spelled this way t-i-m-e.

my mother has known this somehow; that time equals love.  like a true, clean stream she cuts through no matter the terrain and rushes to bring what must be brought.

we’ve all drunk deep.

we’ve all gathered close to this life giving woman and we’ve knelt down with cupped hands to lift life to our dry mouths.  she has kept running this way for years now.  mother father husband children and now grandchildren.  we’ve all drank deep of the love she offers to us.

happy mother’s day, mom.  you’ve been so kind and generous, i don’t know how you keep on giving.  i’m in debt to you and i’m bound, i’m bound to thank you for it.1000 Moms Project


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  1. Thankyou, daughter dear. As a child all I ever wanted to be was a Mom. After reading and hearing your words, I know I made the best decision ever. Happy Mother’s Day to you also.

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