just this

when the rain starts and the sheer curtain blows away from the open window, i don’t mind.  i see a picture of my frantic self running from open window to open window shutting out the storm.

the thunder rumbles and the birds quiet down.  it had been a perfect day.  i sat in the shade reading while mazzy dug in the sandbox, while eleanor swung on the swing and made up songs about the beauty all around and of god.  the wind tossed the new green leaves on every branch and i wondered how to photograph a moment.

now it’s raining.  it became a  bit unbearable before the sky broke.  the heat rose such that children tried to rest fitful on top of their blankets too warm.  but then i heard it.  it was low and in the distance.  the promise of rain.

so yes, blow right in to the bedrooms and the living rooms and right above the bathtub. let the painted wooden window frames get a little damp tonight.  it’s the perfect end to this day.

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  1. “just this” struck a chord with me. i think there’s the good surprise of freedom in not keeping the window shut. good post.

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