friends mothers sisters

the tide has inched its way up and we were talking.  we didn’t notice how it soaked the edges of our towels. it gets pulled back to its center, straight into the heart of the ocean, leaving clams and shells and sand dollars, water running off each side.

all these gifts from the sea.
“watch your step. jellyfish.”

i look down, barely holding onto a surfboard, and see straight through it to the sand beneath. she tells me how to balance on the board and when to do a turtle roll. my friend once so broken she was told she would never surf again is teaching me today on the edge of the sea. the waves hit us so hard and there we are, still standing, laughing in white water.


we wake up on the beach. three women who stop at gift shops to purchase small moments of reunion for when we see our children again. for these three days we pushed pause on the lives we love, on the demands of mothering that don’t rest. we pushed pause and now there is time to be friends. to sit at the restaurants and laugh long, to put truth on the table before women we trust, to hold up a glass and toast just that we got away from it all and somehow have found ourselves on the gulf of mexico.


i bend down and scoop salt water into a bottle. mandy tells us that it’s good for our hair, our skin, and as always, she’s right. none of us can think so quick as shannon with her wit like a whip. her every word a surprise and we laugh at her loveliness and we pray for her foot.

this state of texas holds my sister in its center. one small woman, living well, loving well. for me, a girl with no flesh and blood sisters born alongside of her, i fly the skies to have days of sisterhood like these.

we drive home and the planted rows of farms speed by like the shuffling of a deck of cards. we leave the ocean behind and drive straight back to the heart of the state. we have some time left tonight and more tomorrow before i board a plane that will fly me straight back to the heart of my life. i will see him waiting for me and i will kiss him hello. we will all press play; mothers, friends and sisters – straight back into the heart of god.


gratitude list ~ one thousand gifts ~ 1473 – 1500

sears bathing suit
swimming in oceans
communal living
laughing on the front porch
sitting behind a waterfall
the schonebergs
not bowing down to idols
mandy’s heart so close to the surface
painting toenails
fine dining
riding waves
peace like a river
swimming in oceans
the majors
lunch boxes
seeing the gulf
mother’s day presents that don’t come in boxes
surfing lessons
running out of cash
port aransas
loving people more

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  1. A wonderful read! Thxful 4 mothers, sisters and friends. Thxful for your time away..a time of refreshing…of a rekindling of souls…fine dining & finding peace. Then 2 leave it all behind to return to your every day lives w/passion and vigor to go forth in gratitude as the woman, wife, mother, minister, daughter, sister, mentor and friend that God has called u 2 be.

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