time stands still

we packed up and went to greenfield village for the first time of the season.

it was exactly the same.

there is a freedom in faithfulness.

to keep things, with a determined hand, to keep things the same.  the ever-growing grass and the demands of the age are kept at bay and instead the same kind, the same quality is cultivated – year after year, day after day.

there’s a girl i know who needs more faithfulness.

she is just plain tired of the changes time brings, the surprises that can arrive in a day. she might well be done with that.  she’d like to settle in now with a cup of tea and she’d like to be able to count on a few things to stay the same.

sound like anyone you know?

i searched with my eyes for a new thing.  i was sure there had to be something different and i was right.  there were new sheep just born and you could go into the barn and look at them if you wanted to.

you have to pay the price of admission to walk among this faithfulness.  you have to wear a wristband to ride on time gone by.

but there is one unchanging who is the same and who purchased me instead of me emptying my pockets to pay.  there is one who is faithful yesterday, today and forever.

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