dearly departed (sort of)

i watch the worship leader begin to cry.  he stops mid song and his voice breaks. tears are falling down his face and we keep singing.  every voice in the room keeps up the song he can’t go on with until he regains his composure.

the goodness of god overwhelms him and it overwhelms us all.

we pull up to the funeral home on sunday morning.

i look around and wonder on how one decides to decorate such a place.  trying to find the right balance between great grief and great hope can’t be easy.

a church meets here.  they roll coffins behind screens and unpack their guitars.  in the chapel normally reserved for mourning they lift holy hands and worship the living god.

you gotta love the church.

they’ll meet anywhere to worship jesus.  in a place marked out for death, you’ll find them unafraid and praying through grateful tears.  and when the sign outside lets you know that you’ve reached the end of the line, they’ll put another sign in front of that one to say it ain’t quite over yet, folks.

the redemption of our stories.  that’s what the church is about.  when i thought i was dead and gone, jesus had more to write on the pages of my days.

resurrection in the most unlikely places.  that’s him.  that’s what he does.

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  1. That would be hard for me I think, but I went to five funerals last year. I do love the church though, man, we will worship anywhere! I saw one that met in a grocery store of all places.

  2. yes…i think it is a tough spot to try and hold church, for all sorts of reasons. i think the unusualness of it is what i found encouraging.

    thanks for stopping by again,

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