spring weddings

flowers splay and the air coming through my daughter’s bedroom window is painted pink with magnolia blossoms.

out there spring has roared.

how does quiet make such a noise on the landscape?

i walk with children under the dogwood branches and the holy spirit is like that.  he comes without sound and when he leaves everyone is changed; the beauty left in his wake making us rejoice.

i knew when i moved to detroit that i would wrestle with racism.  i knew i’d wrestle with raising children in the city.  i knew circumstances would be too big, that i would be overwhelmed by the giants in the land.

but i didn’t know this.

i find you, jesus.  you had another plan in mind all along.  you brought me here and set me down and you only have one question.

am i the only one?

i didn’t see this coming.  yet here we are.

like a bridegroom at the end of the aisle.  like a man down on bended knee.

do you take this man?

all of my roads have led to you.  and the flowers on every tree are the bouquet i carry.

and so my answer is yes.  i walk down to meet you.  yes.

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