it seems i can’t thank you enough

i’m walking and i’m trying to remember who god is.  i’m talking to myself and wondering if any of my prayers are making it up past my head.

slow it comes to me how big god is and how able and how good.  i lay all my hopes and fears before him and i watch the cold water flow unfrozen in january.

gratitude list ~ one thousand gifts ~ 1175 – 1206

tim holding violet
grief and worship conference
seeing joann
hard conversations that lead to truth
wire transfers
merz dates
believing the best about someone
john over too early
the sugar house
phone calls with cheryl lynn
abe singing the 50 state song
locks on doors
time to write
olive trees
sin that shows us our need for jesus
cold water
mary bringing all the food
up north next month
building fires
mazzy back to school
the big breakfast
a husband who provides so well
fresh milk
getting out of nursery duty
missing mandy
columbus this week
a husband who fathers so well
talking late with the martins
making beds

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  1. i’m so thankful for Tess—-she is good for me and vice versa—–training daily.
    too difficult for me to foster a dog even though I was asked, Ah. so instead, i will knit dog sweators and sew small pillows.
    oh, i wish i could go up north—-saving, saving saving for a car.
    simply–just drawing right now due to cold weather and distraction of beautiful Tess.
    everything sounds good at your house too.
    soon want to learn to make bread; i’ve baked everything else but bread, wonders will never cease.
    A xo

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