the digs

we moved into detroit four months ago.  my house is where i find myself most days and looking around, i thought of all of you lovely friends that may be curious about what the place looks like…

so come on in.

these photos are just some odds and ends you’ll find inside our doors.  as well as some shots of specific rooms.  and a pet.  you’ll also see our pet.

these are our dining and living rooms.  i didn’t really straighten up or anything to bring you on this tour.  i hope you don’t mind.  anyway, it’s awkward when someone’s house is frighteningly perfect, eh?

that tile in the second shot is my favorite tile ever.  i think my mother in law gave it to us.

our christmas tree.  our son.  neither one artificial.

now let’s move on to the kitchen.

my kitchen is just a big old wide open space of a room (that still needs some trim here and there.)  but i love, love, love it.  see if you can find yourself on my fridge.  (which i found at sears scratch & dent for $400 new.)

i think my undone dishes look kind of pretty.

let’s go upstairs.

now we can’t actually go into abe’s room…it’s really messy and there is this, too:

but there’s a really cool tree in there that our friend, lynne, painted that i wanted to show you –  so, we’re going in.

now onto the girl’s room and my room and the bathroom and things generally found on the second floor of our house.  as well as our cat.  margot.  or tink, as my mom has taken to calling her.

so that’s kind of it.  i don’t know if i did this well or poorly, but hopefully it’s a little like you came over for a visit and finally got to see the place.

i’m glad you did.

8 replies on “ the digs ”
  1. That was a very cool tour that evoked fond memories of a crib we use to own on Renfrew in Green Acres. It was a three story English Tudor (not one of those fake ones found in new yuppie ghettos) with lead glass, a cedar deck and woodwork to die for. Your beautiful, warm home reminded me of a house that was a real home. No one builds them like that anymore. Enjoy the old-school warmth, creaks, groans and soul of your Detroit home. I rejoice for you, Josh and your tribe and am happy for you. Those homes are absolutely killer. Joy is wanting what we have. What Father has blessed you guys with really rocks.

  2. Your walls curve up and out to meet your ceilings?
    I’m still trying to get past that.
    I think I have that same plush green pillow in my living room.
    I’m sorry I don’t do Christmas cards so I’m not on your fridge but that’s a nice appliance and a wicked cool house! Thanks for sharing it!

  3. I LOVE these pix (and I love your house! Great style, colors, and people in it…). Margot is beautiful too. Happy New Year!

  4. It’s so great seeing it all come together! I love that I insisted on scraping off the ugly trim in your bedroom- it looks great. I can’t wait to sit in your dining room and sip coffee with you listening to josh garrels in the background!

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