space for the uncontained god

i’m waiting for snow.

the green exposed and the mud that’s been frozen and come thaw again is welcoming christmas eve this year. and i am like this. i am not as i should be.

i’m the green grass of winter.

i need to look just beyond, out the window behind your head and watch snow fall and the bare branches of winter trees reach up to catch the flakes on their fingertips. i need the hibernation of nature to stand perfectly still and say more than all the talking heads selling christmas.

snow. quiet and fierce, covering everything.

it seems i need the clean slate of christmas.

4 thoughts on “space for the uncontained god

  1. I hear you Zena.

    I am sitting here holding my hands around a warm cup of tea. Such a small comfort I tell myself as I comtemplate Christmas; Warmth. The sound of a voice, the touch of a hand, a hug, you can have my seat miss, genuinely caring eyes. In a nutshell, people being compassionate human beings. It’s one of my most difficult holidays and why? I do better when I am away from stores, avoid commericials, and just be me.

    For me Christmas is in the small things; the beauty of the trees, the birds huddling in the bushes, throwing almonds to the squirrels as their eyes twinkle back at me.

    I think of the Pioneers, cure the meat, stock the pantry, cut the wood, mold the candles there will be Snow. Does Snow symbolize a warm blanket for the earth; time rest; nature’s circadian rhythm—no hustle and bustle? Jesus knows we need rest before the Crocus’es push their way through the snow. It is the time we can sense him in the quiet and stillness.

    i’ve snowflakes to make====it’s a tradtion; i’ve never missed a year since i learned to make them===why am i so tired. maybe i will let nature make them this year.

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