reaching one thousand

it has taken about a year and a half of writing down what i almost failed to mention to reach one thousand gifts.  i met ann voskamp in grand rapids and we’re both the type to skip the small talk and soon i found a fast friend.  her book came out about eight months later and she stayed on the best seller’s list for weeks and weeks.

she’s inspired by the spirit of god and she’s inspired thousands of people to be thankful for their right now in order to see god.

what have i learned by undertaking this discipline?

i’ve learned that remembering life changes me.  gratitude has as much of an effect as any spiritual discipline.  i would sit down anxious, full of heaviness and as i remembered, thought through my last few days, and wrote out my list, i was changed.

i’ve learned that saying thank you for hard things, for things that don’t make sense, humbles me.  i don’t know what is good or bad, truly, and i’ve judged life and what has been given to me too harshly too often.

i’ve learned that being thankful is contagious.  that so much of how we live life with each other rubs off in big ways, in small ways.  it’s been good to be a part of something bigger than myself just by being thankful.

so now, for a small announcement, for my small audience.  i’m going to take a small break from blogging.  i won’t be writing here for the rest of the week, maybe two – i’m not quite sure.  i just need to take some time.  and i wanted to tell you first.  as ann says so well and so often ~ “thank you for grace.”

gratitude list ~ one thousand gifts ~ 1010 – 1023

mazzy’s christmas love
trying to change
friends over to the house
woodbridge homegroup
free bread on wednesdays
homemade churros
amharic music
pumpkins on the porch
just a person at church
amanda singing her songs
staying within our budget
homeschool all over the table
pumpkin ale

5 replies on “ reaching one thousand ”
  1. Grace granted, lovely Zena.

    I’m a relative newcomer to your corner of the bloggerhood, but I count yours as one of the voices I always look forward to hearing. May your time away be filled with rest and holy Presence and gifts beyond counting.

    {Also, pumpkin ale is like autumn sunshine in a glass. Almost too beautiful to drink, but too tasty not to. Cheers.}

  2. I just found you, via Ann’s blog – so I shall await your return. I like your basket of pumpkins and squash and the lovely pictures of your garden. Come back soon, refreshed and renewed by Him.

  3. thank you, crystal.

    however, the garden belongs to a friend a few blocks from us in the city…

    i appreciate the well wishes for renewal and refreshment.


  4. I began my grateful journal in January and today I posted my 750th eucharisteo! It has been a very enlightening journey. My journal is the first thing I reach for in the morning as I meet my Father for personal worship time and always have at least one to list from the day before.
    all IS grace!

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