the vineyard

country roads led us out to a winery that i could have driven right by and missed some of the best wine in the state of michigan.

we turned in.

inside the old school house turned spirit house, we are poured taste after taste of the vine and i am thinking about the god that is wine. the one who says he is. it’s not a metaphor. he is wine.

i tend to think of the crushing, the sacrifice – but what about the drinking deep and the intoxication? the letting go and the pure gladdening of the heart given to people by this same god? what about that side of the wine?

on sunday morning she lifted one hand in worship and she held me close beside her with the other and she cried. she worshipped in spirit and truth and i felt like crying – but i stopped myself, too concerned with the eyes around me.

blessed are you who weep now, for you will laugh.

jesus said that after he picked the twelve apostles. have i forgotten how to weep in his presence? caring more about appearing to have it all together?

i’m taking a drink now and i’m letting go, just a little. just a little bit more than i have been in a time when i’ve believed that i have to keep all the balls in the air. i’m putting my hands down and letting them fall where they may.

these wineries make the landscape so lovely. what is it about winemaking and beauty? why does one lead to the other? appreciation and caring for the land…slowing down and crying real tears in the presence of a holy god.

it’s all a gift today.

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  1. Jesus turned water into wine; not the cheap stuff, the best stuff. With a little good grape juice, should we do less?

  2. beautiful. i so appreciate your open deep processing of life. thankful that God orchestrated our meeting that day at cherry creek!

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