public transportation

joshua rides the bus into the city.  he walks to woodward and catches the huffing, barreling road vehicle designed to carry passengers.

he pays his fare and he gets on board.  he sits with the people who don’t have cars and who are headed into detroit everyday.

just like him.

two nights ago, after working late to get the new house ready for our move tomorrow, he was riding a late night bus home.  he’s not afraid to ride it after dark.

he was talking to one guy when another man overheard him say that he’s moving into detroit, that god is calling and he is listening.

the man prophesied over him:

“like abraham you are going to a place that god is showing you.  like abraham you will be a blessing to your children and to the children of future generations.”

josh looked at him and said, “i think you’re suppose to pray for me.”

and the man did.

he prayed that we would be certain – absolutely sure – that god has called us into the city.

but i think that’s where that holy man was wrong.

because there are no absolutes with god.

there are only the feet on the floor steps we take towards the one we believe we’ve heard. there is no exact science with jesus, the truth telling god who never does things the same way twice.

we believe that we are called and we are listening.  god has been good so far and has provided well.  we pray that he doesn’t stop.  we’ve packed the boxes and we’ve reserved the truck.  we do our part.  god does his.  that’s all we can be absolutely sure of.

and it’s enough for us to go.

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