light spills from our pockets

we’re living in answered prayer.

i unpack boxes into space to breathe, into space large enough to house all five of these souls that a good god has decided is our family.  i see my husband talk to me beneath a fifteen foot ceiling and i think, yes, we are finally in a space big enough to house his dreams and mine, too – and eventually theirs.

we walk in the lanes singing blue and scan the branches for readiness.  they look picked over and finding the round ripe that is willing to fall into a hand with the lightest touch is few and far between.

but that’s why i’m here.  that’s why i came.  i want a bucket full of ripe, mature fruit from the minute i step down off of the hay wagon.  but it doesn’t work that way.

fruit takes time.

i’m having a hard time remembering that life moves slower than we can imagine and that children grow up so fast it’s invisible.  and i’m having a hard time remembering that god makes his own will come about and that i don’t have to make it up.

i only have to stay in communion with him.

how do you let yourself off the hook?

how do you let god be god and just give yourself a little time to let the sun shine down and to soak up the rain?  the fruit isn’t coming off the vine before its time, now is it?  i’ve forgotten again that it’s all a gift, all of it.  everyone in the house and the house, too.

forgive me, lord.

gratitude list ~ one thousand gifts ~ 872 – 886

eleanor, the small
fragrant detroit
oil on the doorposts
neighborhood swingset
still no internet
vacation this week
dining room turned beauty shop
sleep overs
abraham so quick to forgive
time to write
space to think
indian summer
submitting to the day
ann’s wisdom

3 replies on “ light spills from our pockets ”
  1. Love these glimpses into your mind and heart. Love the way you see and then say what you’ve seen. He gives and forgives, and all is and always will be well.

    Grace, Peace, and Love to your house and everyone in it. xo

  2. ” I invite you to picture Jesus teaching his disciples from the boat. And then I invite you to picture Got sowing those seeds in your direction. If Jesus could relax, so can you. Let God’s loving, embracing, accepting purpose wash over you as waves lap against a boat. In so doing, you’ll find yourself becoming open to God’s promise and call to you in ways you maybe hadn’t before. If God’s purpose can take root in rocky ground, it can take root in you. The abundance of God’s blessings will germinate, sprout, blossom, and bear fruit in your life and the life of the world. Amen”

    Let us Pray
    O GOd, despite our inability to discern your power at work in our lives remind us that when all our plans are stymied you are in charge of our lives and the life of the world, help us see that you are quietyly working our your purposes. Amen

  3. Amen, Alyson. Amen.

    Thank you, friend…

    If you’re feeling up for it, I’d love to have you over the first week in September. Call me.


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