summer time

“god’s timing is different than our timing.”

this admonition seems to always come with an obnoxious knowing glance that is trite and makes that mountain of truth into a molehill.

there is no knowing look for us human beings.

i know nothing and i’ll defend that same nothing to my last breath sometimes. i’m like zachariah in the temple and i’ll tell an angel to his face that he is wrong – that his information must be incorrect because, you see, life doesn’t work that way.

the water is warm today and it belongs to every child on its limited shore. somehow the globe has spun us into another summer and i sit wondering about my small life in this big world.

god’s timing.

maybe the trying to enter into that reality is the one that could change everything.


how i see it.  how i count the moments, the days and one day, the deaths.  time.  i imagine its limit and forget what god has said. this swing set i push her on today will most likely outlive my numbered days and i think that my plans are worth giving my life for?

god’s timing.

what if the very way i number the hours is misinformed? what if the sixty minutes that tick by on my wrist are another way i bow down to the idol of a fixed lifetime? a life that wants to look like the elusive standard. what if there is another way to count the seconds?

boats push waves onto small children and inside every heart on this shore is a world of their own. if i were to interview my fellow beach combers, i’d find plans. lots of plans. we’ve all got our agendas and plans and we don’t take kindly to their interruptions.

what if god has plans for you?

what if you never took the time to wonder at the stars and wait and see if they were made for you? what if god might know your frame and your small time here and that, just possibly, he would whisper what those plans are?

that’s a lot of what ifs.

god, would you speak your timing to us so that instead of cliches, we would be humble people freed from knowing looks?

gratitude list ~ one thousand gifts ~ 737 – 749

brother working hard
husband working hardest
catching fireflies with the martins
remembering to be thankful
anderson/gezahagn bbq
kids to camp this week
sparklers at arm’s length
the x-files
my parents
dad on vacation this week
abe waiting somewhat patiently
summer colds

4 replies on “ summer time ”
  1. I’ve been thinking about this too … What if I saw time the way God does and realized, really understood, that He’s given me eternity, so there’s plenty of it, more than enough, for all the dreams and plans and hopes, plenty of time. If I did that, would I be willing to relax and hold his hand and walk alongside his plan for this part of time more? I struggle to grasp it.

  2. hi erica –


    “would i be willing to relax…walk along side his plan…”

    so good. i struggle to grasp it, too. prayer, i think. praying to remember. thanks for your words.

    ~ z

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