nomenclature of a thankful heart

the song played about wanting god to be fair, but that’s not what he said, not what he promised.  god doesn’t have to be fair.  this isn’t a democracy.  i have to take what he gives.

and sometimes that is hard.

it’s felt hard these past few weeks.

but today is different.  today i’m driving and see a sign that says ‘free stuff’ and i see a couple of things in that pile i want.

it’s not monday and i was feeling like god might be telling me that to get out of a rut, you have realize you’re in one.  and so i didn’t read luke this morning and i didn’t stop to take a picture of that field.

sometimes i’m bound to who i’ve always been.

and sometimes god casually looks over and asks, ‘why exactly are you doing that?’

i don’t know.

i’m a creature of habit and god isn’t.

i need to put on a pretty dress and twirl around in front of the one hundred year old carousel, i guess.  lord knows he’s provided the company.  i’m thankful today.

gratitude journal ~ one thousand gifts ~ 797 – 811

just me in the lake, swimming
a good friend on my doorstep
driving down michigan roads
three year olds jumping off the dock
a night of indian food with amazing people of god
prayers from her when no one speaks up
sara groves
mazzy…oh mazzy.
just grown ups
lots cast in our favor
jim pool
invited to their birthday party
little dove maybe finding a nest
these summer days

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  1. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again (and again), I love you!

    Also, that photo is beautiful.

    ps. I love you! (see, I told you)

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