making all things new

and everything is jangled.

everything a mess, i suppose.

it’s messy from the outside looking in.

but i don’t see it that way.

and i hope.

i hope that what god sees makes him grin.

and i hope it makes him want to lend a hand.

lots of things in this life don’t make sense.

i’m taking notes from a god that asks us not to store up in barns.

and i feel the pressures of convention when they come to make me feel small and weird and a little bit crazy.  and i don’t know what to do or what i’m doing.

but then i find her on the stairway.

here she is.

her every breath defies what people normally do.

the very sight of her is relief.

and i remember that god is creative and messy and very real.

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  1. what a beautiful story about a beautiful little girl. It’s great to have Love in your life.

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