change of plans

twice this weekend i hear the hint in the voice as i tell of moving to the city.  i hear the look away in the eyes and the supportive words that say clear,

they would never.

i’m moving sprinklers around on grass turned straw in the heat and circumstances, i see, have become louder than the quiet spirit that urges in its own direction.

when kids are sick and husband is busy and house is messy and neighbors are on the porch and there is too much driving and money to manage and a thousand distractions that offer less than rest – i’m wondering how i forget so easy.

i’m wondering how to find a circle of quiet.

tim keller sermons while folding never ending laundry?


i’m looking for peace.

i’m looking for the presence that shifts life, making sense again.

i’m hoping for center.

nothing less than jesus and his telling what makes a good life will satisfy.

gratitude journal ~ one thousand gifts ~ 750 – 763

calling on elizabeth
cream for coffee
night lights
rashes making white the scar
lunch with women who give up sundays for mazzy
box transport
vacation in august
emergency rooms
josh preaching good news
bug bites
the invention of the automobile
that goodness isn’t circumstantial

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