and who shall wear the starry crown

what power does water have to change a life?  how does it aide in turning from my ways? repentance isn’t about water.  it’s not about going down to the river and washing away all the things i’ve done.

or is it?

the baptizer first said that repenting, turning around, was about life.  or more to the point, losing my life.  to walk out into the water and embrace a new life, one where i am not at the center.

being on the inside with god isn’t the point.

giving away one shirt when i have two is the point.  giving half of my food away when i have enough for two families tucked in the cupboards is the point.

repentance is to stop imagining that my life is just for me.  it tugs at where it hurts.  it pulls me from the center and out – out from first place until i’m ripped and born again.

isn’t that what sin is for me every time?  shoving my way to the front of the line to say my needs come first no matter what it costs you or me, no matter the disapproval and no matter the consequences?

i will have my way.

sin is all about me and repentance cuts me in half.

i’m going to need that cool water rushing around.  i’ll need a river to welcome my new, blind eyes blinking to see the world for the first time as it is.

a world with jesus at the center, the tyranny of having my way put to death at last.

gratitude list ~ one thousand gifts ~ 764 – 780

well watered tomato plants
dewey lake on the calendar
trying to slow down
paint on the walls
mrs bresson
last of the gas on a trip to the farm
feeling nervous about homeschooling
asking for help
new glasses
josh garrels house concert
my neighbors in detroit
harry potter!
writing the book again
forgiveness spoken here
getting the courage to sit on the porch
family close
rebecca’s whisper on sunday morning

5 replies on “ and who shall wear the starry crown ”
  1. Hello there,
    We are “neighbors” on Ann’s list today so thought I would pop on over. I loved your writing! I will have to come back and read more. I love, love, love sitting on my porch, I hope you will too:)

  2. Wow. This post blows me away. Martin Luther said that baptism is a picture of the whole Christian life: dying and rising anew with Christ. Of course, the Apostle Paul said it first in Romans 6. Thank you for your beautiful words.

  3. Thanks for your words.

    Whenever I stop to consider baptism, God tends to point out something I missed before.

    – Zena

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