what i like about you

these days are full of friends. people who love with their days, with their deeds. if we measured our wealth by flesh and blood, we’d be millionaires.

luckily, we do.

we’re picking up hammers and crowbars and peeling off wallpaper. we’re washing floors. and our friends are right there with us. they’re climbing up ladders and they are watching children. our friends are clinking wine glasses and pulling staples out of plaster (!?) our friends are laughing on top of refrigerators and figuring out the plumbing.

i don’t think we could do this thing without our friends.

so thanks. thanks for everything. thank you lord for everything and everyone who is helping us move into the city. you are more generous than we could have guessed.

how does one say thank you for grace?

gratitude list ~ one thousand gifts ~ 694 – 705

rain on commonwealth street
yellow and blue on the clearance rack
twenty years of friendship
a new friend, a true friend
two lives converging
that i can ask for wisdom
friends who are better at things than i am
god opening doors
ferndale public schools
teachers who give children their days
prayer, praying, to pray
so many extravagant gifts and provision

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