“i’m going to grandma’s house.”

eleanor climbs tiny and her mind spoken is a fact, but there is a darling in her heart able to sway.

her father’s mother.

lush in the backyard is the grandmother most of all.  among all the tended plants and intended wild growth, there is a flower fairer.

eleanor has eyes to see.

and there are two hearts back in the yard.

one as wide open as the great lakes they both were born between.  and one that’s lived sixty years and knows a thing or two about the dangers hidden within the words –

“i love you.”

but not here.

within these shining girl eyes the only hope, the only goal, is to be with.

and so the long labors of love fall like fruit at her feet.  they take off their shoes and sit right down in the grass and taste and see that god indeed is good.

“enjoy the good life in the city
every day of your life.
and enjoy your grandchildren.
peace to god’s people!”

psalm 128: 5 – 6

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  1. Your words are so Beautiful…..with God’s grace I will be with my grandchildren in 3 days and will enjoy every second. It will be fun to hang out with Ella Bella when I get back, she is so full of joy and makes me smile. :))

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