another brand new

i’m sitting outside in the morning.  it’s peaceful right now.  there is time to breathe and the new air of the day is again fresh for beginnings.

this weekend was slower than the one before it, but the grinds are turning and the wheels that need oil are starting to roll.  another week to get living done.  these things we pursue or are led into…i hope the latter.  or maybe better to say, i hope both.

we bought a house.

we signed contracts and put keys in our pockets.  we walked in the dusty hope of what is next.  we stared down a hundred year old house and it stared right back.  i think i blinked first.  we met the neighbors.

it’s official.

we’re happy.

“lord, god of hosts,
happy the one who trusts in you.”

psalm 83

that elusive feeling – happy to be so.  happiness.  it seems it hides within trusting the god of hosts.  i wrote to a friend that my life doesn’t make a lot of sense without god right now.

my life doesn’t make sense without god.

this is where i want to live.  right here.  not on my own without him or trying to remember that i should need him, right?  i ought to, i should, i know i’m supposed to – no. i don’t want that life.

i want the life that means i have to, i must – the life that doesn’t compute without you, lord.

gratitude journal ~ one thousand gifts ~ 678 – 693

commonwealth street
bravo, bravo
bethany’s dress
jen’s necklace
running into taurus
signing the papers
girl date with laurel
free splash parks
prayer at motor city pride
wallpaper coming off
architect brother in law
electrician brother
handy friends
a frog inside the house
praying with megan
needing jesus

4 replies on “ another brand new ”
  1. I’m so excited for you…..I know it seems like a lot to come and going on and it is.a new great journey I hope the neighbors are nice. Please let me know if I can help you. I could watch the kids ….make you a meal. Think about it…..I’ll call you, xoxoxoxoxox

  2. I love what you said, “My life doesn’t make sense without God”. I agree. 100% agree! A new twitter follower,

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