spring sisters

outside in the weather, two girls are enjoying themselves and the tentative sun.  will it stay?  they don’t care because it’s here right now and they will be here, too.

am i here with them?

somehow there is a way that i can still live a parallel life with my children.  that they can be next to me and living every moment for itself while i stand, skin beside skin, a million miles away.

children demand the right now.  why is it that right now is so hard to give?

maybe because i don’t have it.  i’ve put right now aside so many times that i can’t remember how to exist within it.  these little ones that move and have their being there are always a reminder and a thorn in my side.  they can lead the way to right now.

as soon as i turn around there they will be.  waiting for me to join them.

lord, help me follow.

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  1. i have a really hard time being in the right now. i’m always looking ahead a million miles from being present with my fam. very good point..

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