i’ll meet you at the table

i need to pray more than i need to do anything else.

i see the house with the table laid out for me and i wonder how to get inside.  when i have no key and to break a window would mean i was little more than a thief…how do i get into the life i know is there but i can’t reach?

the world offers a counterfeit.  a counterfeit love, an impostor confidant.  with friends like these who needs friends?  but i stand in line to buy the world’s wares and i give the false promise my whole life.

and i end up with less than i ever thought i would have.

jesus tells us to pray.  so i try.  i try to pray to god.  it’s more like i land exhausted in a heap before the feet of a grace-eyed father.  he tells me again it’s not about me and what i do or don’t do.  i let him push my hair back from my face, pick me up and bring me in.  he unlocks the door, slips a key in my pocket, gets another chair, he sits me at the table and sets the food before me – and he is pleased to do this.

god does what i can’t.

he teaches me how to love by loving me.

gratitude list ~ one thousand gifts ~ 633 – 641

days of introvert conversation
second floor laundry
full inclusion summer camp
flower petal welcome
late night truth call
dakota inn birthday party
sitting behind allie & andre
evaporated milk
god redeeming my brokenness

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  1. Yeah, I made it on your thankful list. That celebration is on my thankful list as well. I got your message on Twitter to pray and so I did. I prayed the peace of Jesus fall on you and your family and that in that peace you would have peace with one another. I prayed for joy. Zena the Lord has joy, abundant Joy he wants to give to you. Ask him about it.
    Love you girl

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