wanted: a heart of flesh

rend your hearts and not your garments,
and return to the lord, your god.

– joel 2:12

judgement seats, i’ve learned, are very comfortable.

plush and supportive, it is so easy to decree with our stolen knowledge, always lacking the whole story, from the throne room of our hearts.

our hearts.

god is obsessive and preoccupied with the state of our hearts and his promise to change them.

jesus hung out with people whose hearts were on display.

you know the type. they can’t hide a thing because its already written on their face, well except for maybe judas. real heart on their sleeve type folk.  the kind of people the world and many times, the church, teaches us to not to become.  this place we call home for eighty years or so, it honors the person who thinks one thing and presents another.  it honors the liar.  i honor the liar.

jesus is pointing to children, saying –

“they have it figured out!  if you want to be a part of what i’m doing on planet earth – become like them!”

dependance on a father.  honest speech.  staying present in the moment.  loving big.  forgiving much.  imitating who they love.

i find myself judgmental during the season of lent.  i’m rending the garments of habit and forgetting what i always forget.

it’s not about what we give up, what we abstain from.  it’s not a season of will power.

it’s about the state of our hearts.

do i feel any love towards god the father?  toward my neighbor?  am i open to where the holy spirit is showing me to go?  am i willing to bow down low and learn from my teacher god, jesus my brother, strong and good?

what if my true heart were on display?

what if what i keep hidden on the inside refused to stay put under my skin? what would i look like today?

i would be lifeless, with no animation.  i’d be frozen in stone like a statue in the garden.  i’d be buried alive in my own skin.

lord, i need your spirit today to get through the trappings that come with considering your forty days in the desert.

I will give them an undivided heart and put a new spirit in them;
I will remove from them their heart of stone and give them a heart of flesh.

– ezekiel 11:19

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  1. Hey Zena.

    I didn’t give anything up for lent this year. I didn’t want to. This sometimes leaves me feeling guilty, and sometimes not. The amazing thing is this: I’ve experienced these same feelings as I have given a thing up for Lent. Am I wrong in my lack of self-denial for this Lenten season? I’m not sure.

    But here’s the truth He’s revealed to me. I have the blood of Jesus on my life. He’s passed over my house and death is not at my door. And not because of me–I have not one drop of life in me! But what i do have is blood on my life. Isn’t that good news?

  2. “it’s not about what we give up, what we abstain from. it’s not a season of will power.

    it’s about the state of our hearts.”…amen…and perhaps about surrendering that which stands between us and a closer walk…

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