the lord is truly risen

the sun is risen; seek the son of man no more
among the dead.  he has broken the bonds of death.

i will pray to jesus, the giver of life, whom god raised from the dead
and who will raise us with his own power.

this family makes its way to the beach on easter. we collect our sins (and they do add up…) during lent and then we bring them to the shore, build a fire and throw them in.  we celebrate forgiveness in a way that brings life, brings joy and hopefully in a way that will stay in the hearts of three children.  that they would know that easter is more than potted lilies.  that they would know that resurrection is more than wearing nice clothes and talking to nice people.  that easter would be among the best memories.  to teach them that god is more than we can guess and creative and lovelier than the shores he taught upon.

this is the day that the lord has made;
let us rejoice and be glad in it.

gratitude list ~ one thousand gifts ~ 594 – 605

reading the easter story on the beach
fasting from the internet
writing that shows what isn’t easily said
buttermilk pie
not complaining
letting out the leash
that it is better to both give and receive
belly aching laughter in a hotel room
joshua sending me away in all my aprils
being in this moment
egg hunt in mom’s yard

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  1. as I read your gratitude list a smile lights upon my face and I remember… the wonder of all the little gifts along the way… everyday.

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