the good friday way

i’m climbing up the tiny ladder to the top bunk.  i lie down next to my son and wrap my arms around him.  it was a hard night.  very little listening to a mom with very little patience.  i hold him and hope for peace.

“mom.  i’m sorry for all the bad things i did today.”

i am no good god.  i know that my sins are mingled in with his and that everything my child confesses is half my fault.

“what bad things did you do?”

he holds up fingers.

“i spilled out the soap.  i didn’t put my bike away.  i didn’t listen to you.”

three fingers stand in protest against his goodness.

this remembering and counting the things we’ve done wrong – does he do this in the night?  just like me, awake too long and the memories of my failings come and i could count until i run out of fingers and toes.  i would’ve given up a long time ago if not for this.

i look at the fingers held up and one by one i push them down.

“i forgive you.  i forgive you.  i forgive you.”

now it’s my turn.

i hold up my own hand.

“i was crabby.  i yelled at you.  i didn’t have a lot of patience tonight.”

he responds in kind and pushes them down.

“i forgive you.  i forgive you.  i forgive you.”

there we are with nothing left.  nothing standing in the way between us.  all our sins forgiven.

“now we can be friends again.” i say.

and when i pray with him i ask again for the work of good friday to stay.

“lord, i pray that abraham and i will always be friends.  amen.”

9 thoughts on “the good friday way

  1. oh boy- the beauty of forgiveness… “if we confess our sins he is faithful to forgive” The pathway of relationship. Open to all who desire to set foot upon it. May I continue to confess my sins to my children.

  2. When I first met Chelsea, she told us in home group that one of the greatest gifts her mother ever gave her was teaching her what to do with her sin, and she did it by confessing her own sins to her daughter and asking forgiveness of her and of Jesus in her daughter’s presence.

    Thank you for being a good Mommy. Every one of our children needs one.

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