the friendly skies

somehow it has been arranged and i’m leaving my life for a few days.  i’m going to summer in april.  i’m going to waiting welcome.  god does the strangest thing in his body –

he gives friendships that don’t end.

it is not a rule and it doesn’t happen everyday, but somehow i have friends all over the country and in others besides, that would wait for me at the airport and would tuck me in and wake me up and we could pick up like no time has passed.

the world tilts away and it’s been a couple of years since i’ve had to pure pleasure of watching the ground become a grid under my feet.  i feel like a child and i apologize to my neighbor as i take a million pictures.  we’re flying!

how is it that we become used to extraordinary things?

sometimes we have to leave our lives to remember the answer.

sailing on the invisible now and i am astounded.

the collective faith of humanity is alive and well.  we fly around in the skies confident of absolutely nothing, but willing – humanity is still willing to risk it all to arrive at another destination.

i love our reckless race.

and now i’m looking out as we soar above clouds.  it is a different blue above the cover and the billows could be an ocean, but no, i remember, i’m fifty thousand feet in the air.  and i am reminded again that perspective is everything.

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