enjoying without owning

there are different birdsongs here.

and there is almost too much beauty to take in.

we drove down highways carved through hills of rock.  we stepped careful out onto smooth rocks lodged in the middle of stream fed rivers.  i reached the center of that clearest water, found a rock to sit and watch the day upon and i just breathed, trying to take it in.

we sat down that morning and talked about god and it didn’t become a planning meeting.  in days gone by we would’ve begun to plot out who should move where and how soon we needed to inform our husbands of the decisions we had made, the new lives we’d arrived at in a single conversation.

but something has changed.

we were content to let god be god and still look at our shared heart to do the things jesus taught and let that be our sole conclusion.

she said, “if art reflects the creator, then just look at the world.”

i am overwhelmed by the gift and by the beauty.

it was enough to sit in the center of the waters, clear down to the rocks – no desire to posses the land in order to be satisfied overwhelmed me.

and so i’m closer to being fully alive and god is closer to being glorified.

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