and if i go there

looking out the windows for something. something else.

the unnameable, elusive place where there is complete satisfaction – happiness, restoration – a place without want.

is there such a thing? such a place?

this just around the corner, just around the bend longing in my soul – always waiting for the next, the next, the next –

could it be a notes to me written on my heart by my invisible god?

that there is another time, a next place that i have not yet reached, that i have not yet seen but am restless for – one that i will not be satisfied until i find.

i‘m looking down yet another path. and it is a glass of salt water in the desert. it has the appearance of what i need. it’s able to be used like the cup i long for – but it causes the opposite effect.

no satisfaction and greater thirst.

when jesus said come to me all who are thirsty and from you will flow streams of living water, do i think he meant it?

that instead of being another insatiable desert place on this earth, that it could start with me? that the cup of water i give is the real water that i seek?

believing the words he said. so simple to do. so seldom done.

bring me there, lord.

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