down in the hole

last night i was watching the wire.  if you’ve ever stopped by this site than you know that i’m typecasting myself.

the strangest thing is happening as i’m watching this fourth season.  it’s a mirror.  the life lived out by young boys in the city is reflecting back my childhood, my secrets, my story.  it’s disturbing.  it’s odd. sometimes we don’t like the characters we relate to.

just your average white girl, i guess.

we all have a story.  how well we tell ours and how honest we are in the telling matters.  but every story needs ears to hear.  the balance is not to be consumed with your own story so that you can hear someone else’s tale.

some days i’m better at this than others.  both in the telling and the listening.

dallas willard says that the devil is angry.  and that most of the people in the world are miserable because they serve an angry master.  it’s a simple answer to unhappiness.  but the words have stayed.

i don’t see the glass as half full and watching portrayals of lives destroyed by problems so intricate and varied has his words reverberating off the walls.  the devil is angry.  or as arrested development sang all those years ago about the serpent preaching a slight of hand sermon.

Most of the persons follow the serpent
cause the serpent preaches “all for self”
But why follow someone in search of something
when you’ll get nothing.
Serpent’s all for self.
Some are dumb, some know no better
Some believe there is no Lord
The serpent uses this knowledge to help him
and wash away more of the shore
Serpent knows once shores are gone
there’s nothing left but ocean and sea
A few persons trying to save the shore
Some of those persons are A.D.
Saving the shores means saving the faith
The faith that there is a mighty someone
Someone much more mighty than the serpent
Someone that created everyone
Up the ocean without a paddle
is the fabric of God, the righteous clothing
And we wear non-righteous clothes of the serpent
Naively so we keep on serving

from ‘washed away’ – 3 Years, 5 Months And 2 Days In The Life Of…

i’m thankful that my time’s not up, that there is hope and that i’ve been given gifts of faith.  who knows what kind of future i could ride off into.

jesus advises us not to run from suffering, but to embrace it.  he tells us to turn the other cheek and remain vulnerable after being struck, to remain in a position to be hurt again.

but none of us can will to do that.  once hit i retaliate and don’t stop to wonder why.  but the kingdom of god is real and the king knows how to take us all the way home.  all the way.

3 replies on “ down in the hole ”
  1. I think “The Wire” is fascinating, compelling, thought-provoking and well-executed television. The fourth season was the most poignant to me. How interesting that you can actually relate to some of the students based on your life experience. I’d love to hear more about that sometime. And isn’t “Down in the Hole” a great song, especially the Tom Waits version from the first season?

    Hope you and yours are well Zena. Much love.

  2. hello mary…we do enjoy all the versions of the intro song, too.

    how is new york? the snow is falling tonight in michigan…we are well, hope you are, too.


  3. Ha! I read the link. I have two more episodes of season 2 and then I start season 3. But reading this had made me a little nervous to start season 4 considering my growing up years. Thank you, as always for your vulnerability.

    I love the Dallas Willard quote. That will stick with me and makes a lot of sense.

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