unless you become like a child

on monday mornings, there is work to be done.

when jesus was told of all that had happened to his cousin, john the baptizer, he drew away from them, but he was not successful.  a crowd found him and brought their sick and instead of hoarding his life, he felt compassion.

he healed them and he fed them.

he did the work even though it was undeniable that he needed to be alone with god, to talk, to weep with his father.

i don’t want to be a bible study mom.  a mom that wants to be left alone so that she can love you later, better, on her own terms.  a mom that shoos a child away so she can pray or read or write.  even if it’s undeniable that i need to talk to my father or even to weep.

jesus demonstrates a different kind of life.

one that does work when no strength is left and there is nothing to give.

“with the crowd gone,
he climbed the mountain so he could be by
himself and pray.  he stayed there alone, late into the night.”

matthew 14: 23-24 the message

there will be time for god.
if we are willing to climb the mountain and stay late after the work of the moments is done.  we don’t have to selfishly guard our mornings to ourselves or our appointed hours of prayer to the detriment of the very ones we seek to love.

life is messier and better than religious ritual. there will be time for god.

gratitude list ~ one thousand gifts ~ #419 – 430

fountain coke
not being desperate for the next thing
boundless energy of seven year old boys
joy in repetition
joy in a new thing
observing children wondering what jesus meant when he said unless you become like them
people of short stature
little boy with down syndrome saying ‘hi’
abraham winning over a crowd
mothers and their babies
long weekend
popcorn and a movie with joshua neds-fox

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  1. Love the theme of your gratitude list this week–and I love the in-the-middle-of-life interaction with God that can happen as we love, as we live, as we serve, as we smile and shovel and enjoy a fountain coke and popcorn with our wee ones.

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